Cable is available from Nigel rose Marketing Services Limited in several sizes and forms. Our two main suppliers are Master Lock and Oxford Products. We have small ones of 6mm to 12mm Dia. complete with an integral lock for push bikes and lower security items, many types of 12mm dia. ones complete with both key and combination locks for medium security risks and heavy duty cables up to 22mm dia. and even an Armoured Cable complete with lock which is 25mm dia. and consists of an inner steel braided cable core with steel armoured exterior. We also supply them with looped ends for securing by padlock in 6mm x 1800m, 8m x 1800mm, 10mm x 1200mm, 10mm x 1800mm,10mm x 2400mm, 10mm x 3000mm, 10mm x 4500mm, 15mm x 1800mm and 15mm x 3000mm. In some circumstances these products can be harder to cut than chain in that strands of the cable can follow round a blade and not get cut.

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