Cash Boxes

Cash Boxes are available from Nigel Rose Marketing Services Limited from several different manufacturers such as Arregui from Spain, Burg Wachter from Germany, Sterling Locks from England and KeySecure from England. There are different grades of security available from these manufacturers. The smallest size in the whole range is 125mm x 60m x 95mm and the largest is 350mm x 280mm x 130mm so there is every opportunity for a box to be the correct size for most drawers. Some ranges use the colour to denote the size whilst others have different colours available in each size. All the boxes are secured by means of a key operated cam lock. The top of the range – the Burg Wachter Royal range – is made from a solid sheet of steel and is weldless and has a double walled lid it also has an option of a screw down plate which enables the box to be firmly secured in a drawer.

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