Locks and Lock cases

Locks Lock cases from Nigel Rose (Marketing Services) Limited a large variety from a wide range of manufacturers. Firstly it should be explained the difference between the two definitions.

A Lock is supplied with it’s own cut keys, these are mostly “Chubb” type bladed mortice keys. A Lock Case, on the other hand, is designed and manufactured to accept other manufacturers cylinders whether they be “Euro” “British Oval” “Swedish Oval” etc.. so a lock case will very often be supplied without any cylinder at all so that a Locksmith can fit his preferred choice into the lock case. The only time that a lock case will be guaranteed to be supplied with an operating cylinder is when the whole package carries a BS Kite Mark, since it passed the standard with that particular cylinder it must be fitted to conform to BS.

Very often the type of lock required will be defined by the material content of the door. Aluminium doors are very often fitted with an “Adams Rite” type of lock case which can be sash, deadlock or latch only. This type are normally available in four sizes of back set and were originally measured in Imperial Measurements – 7/8″, 31/32″, 11/8″ and 11/2″.

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