Brisant BS Cylinders

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Brisant BS Cylinders

Brisant BS Cylinders

A high security cylinders accredited to BSI Kitemark Licence No: 598033

The Plug of the Brisant BS Cylinders always have two steel pins at the front for anti drill, adjacent to this are two smaller anti drill pins. Should the lock be snapped then drilled there are four further large anti-drill pins, two either side, behind the sacrificial cut.

There are three anti drill pins at the front of the lock body and a further two behind the sacrificial cut. At Least one steel driver pin is used as anti drill too!

Anti-Pick / Bump:
As well as a steel anti-drill driver pin, brass mushroom pins are used as standard. An Anti-Bump Pin is also used in one chamber.

The Brisant-BS comes with the same anti snap connector bar and unique sacrificial cuts as both the E or D

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