*BURGprotect Starter Set 2200

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Product Description

BURGprotect Starter Set 2200

BURGprotect Starter Set 2200

The Starter Kit Set 2200 for your Smart Home

Alarm system Set 2200 at a glance
• The central base supports alarms via three connections (LAN, WLAN, GSM)
• Tamper protection
• Jamming protection
• Backup battery
• Scenario control
Set 2200 includes:
– 1x Base 2200 (central)
– 2x contact detector Contact 2030
– 1x motion detector Motion 2010
– 1x remote control 2110
• Incl. Power adapter and rechargeable battery

BURGprotectTM monitors the security and safety of your Smart Home through the extensive range of sensors.
At the heart of BURGprotectTM is the Base 2200 control unit – this central hub connects all the components of the smart home together.
The Base 2200 is available in the practical starter set Set 2200 together with two Contact 2030 door / window contacts, a Motion motion sensor and the Control 2110 remote control.
Set 2200 is the complete starter kit for your smart home. The BURGprotectTM app is required to connect the sensors can be downloaded for free for iOS or Android devices.

All Smart Home sensors connect to the Base 2200. Connecting the components of the system is a quick and easy process, it can be done at the push of a button.
Simply scan the QR code printed on each sensor with the free smartphone app BURGprotectTMt.
The sensor is registered and your alarm system is ready for use – it does not get any faster or easier! The sensor range inside the home is up to 50 metres.

Base 2200 offers triple internet access with jamming protection
If a burgler attempts to break-in, smoke is detected or a window opened the Base 2200 will send a notification to a programmed smartphone with seconds of the event occuring. At the same time, the device triggers a loud alarm sound of up to 100 decibels. To system requires only an Internet connection. The BURGprotectTM base unit can go online in three different ways; LAN, WLAN and GSM (SIM card). In addition, the Base 2200 is protected against jamming attacks to ensure your smart home remains operational at all times.

Backup battery: Even in the event of a power failure, the smart home system will still protect
In the event of a power failure your alarm system will continue to work. The Base 2200 has an emergency battery with a duration of up to eight hours and additional protection against manipulation.

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