Karnasch Rotary Burr for PVCu

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Product Description

Karnasch Rotary Burr for PVCu

and fiber glass, drill point 135°
Karnasch Rotary Burr for PVCu

Router for fiber glass, GFK, CFK.

d1 : Ø 1,6 mm / 2,4 mm = +0,00 / -0,10
d1 : Ø 3 mm / 12 mm = +0,00 / -0,13

This router is for contouring, grooving, drilling of a wide range of GFK, CFK, fiber glass reinforced plastics as well as MMC (Metal Matrix Composites),
MMC material such as printed circuit boards,
composites such as ceramic with fiber glass, graphite, carbon, etc.

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