Oval Nose Rotary Burr

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Product Description

Oval Nose Rotary Burr

Oval Nose Rotary Burr from Karnasch

HP-3-CUT – Technical specification:
The most widely used universal cutting style results:
• High cutting action through cross cutting style
– smooth operation
– short chips
• For use on all ferrous materials such as:
– casr iron – steel < 60 HRC - stainless steel (INOX) - nickel basis and titanium alloy • Also copper, brass, bronze BLUE-TEC-coated: Patented BLUE-TEC coating, specifically designed for burrs, gives outstanding tool life and excellent performance on all metals. Tungsten carbide burr Blue-Tec coated TRE. Ø = 12mm. Length of cutter Burr = 22mm. Shank Ø = 6mm. Total Length 175mm.

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